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Dall'Agata: Supergravity and Generalized (non) Geometry
de Alwis: Heterotic Moduli Stabilization
Angelantonj: One-loop modular integrals revisited
Baumann: Probing High-Scale Physics with Planck
Blumenhagen: Aspects of non-geometric string compactifications
Camara: The String Origin of SUSY Flavor Violation
Cicoli: Cosmology and phenomenology of sequestered scenarios
Conlon: Searching for a Cosmic Axion Background
Dudas: Susy Model Building
Goodsell: tba
Grana: Anti-D3 branes: the good, the bad and the ugly
Grimm: Non-supersymmetric F-theory compactifications
Groot-Nibbelink: Heterotic model building
Hebecker: The Higgs mass from a String-Theoretic Perspective
Kashani-Poor: Enhanced supersymmetry from vanishing Euler number
Klevers: Chiral Four-Dimensional F-Theory Compactifications With SU(5) and Multiple U(1)-Factors
Lukas: Line Bundle Standard Models
Lüst: Gauged supergravities and non-geometric Q/R-fluxes from asymmetric orbifold CFTs
Marchesano: Discrete Flavor Symmetries in D-brane models
Martucci: Brane instantons and fluxes in F-theory
McAllister: On Inflation and Dark Energy in String Theory
Melnikov: Hybrid conformal field theories
Nilles: The Geography of the Heterotic Landscape
Ovrut: Supersymmetric Hidden Sectors for Heterotic Standard Models
Palti: F-theory GUTs with U(1)s and their embedding in E8
Quevedo: The Future of String Phenomenology
Ratz: Precision gauge unification from strings
Schafer-Nameki : F-theory and Local Limits
Shiu: Quantum Corrected Effective Action of String and F-theory
Skenderis: Holographic Inflation
Takahashi: Planck implications for high energy physics
Tye: Statistical Preference for a Vanishingly Small Cosmological Constant
Valandro: Fluxes in F-theory/type IIB duality
Weigand: F-/M-/Type II building

to be completed